Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”

Linear and rebated panels "Yar-panel". Fence "Blinds".

Manufacturing. Sale. Installation.

LLC PTK “Techno-Gib” Manufacturer of linear and seam panels “Yar-Panel” in Krasnoyarsk  

  • The sales department and production are located in Krasnoyarsk.
  • Delivery throughout Russia. 
  • Only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials from trusted suppliers.
  • Warranty for all products.
Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”

Linear panels “Yar — panel”  

Our company has developed metal panels (Linear panels) of a new generation, imitating natural wood species that are very difficult to distinguish from natural wooden panels.  

Linear panels are universal finishing material that is suitable for both outdoor and outdoor interior wall and ceiling cladding.

Our linear panels are unique, because we have developed a special private key for invisible and secure fastening of panels! 

Purpose and characteristics  

Linear panels "Yar - panel"

They perfectly imitate a wooden beam, planken, and are also mounted in the style of a modern and designer facade, and the color schemes of the wood-like coating most realistically convey the texture of natural wood. The perfect product for wall cladding, cornice and roof eaves, as well as for building renovations. Resistant to mechanical damage, fading, corrosion and temperature extremes. We will put a special emphasis on the color GRAPHITE GRAY, it is insanely beautiful, modern and can be combined with many colors and other types of facades, it can be filled in a chaotic set of planks.


  1.  Steel thickness (mm): 0.45, 0.5 
  2. Panel length (m): 2.5 m 
  3. Profile height (mm): 15-18
  4. Coating: wood effect, matte, Polyester, etc. 
  5. Frame type: lightweight (vertical and horizontal) 
  6. Flammability group: NG  

Steel linear panels “Yar — panel” is a non-combustible and environmentally friendly facade material that allows the walls to breathe. Euro-panels do not require special operating conditions and retain their original appearance for many years. That is why Euro-panels are chosen by private homeowners and organizations for office and warehouse buildings that value aesthetics and care about the safety and comfort of their home. 


  • Durability;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Huge selection of panels in color and texture;
  • Creation of a unique design of the facade of the house, as it is possible to mount panels of different colors and different widths;
  • Possibility of horizontal, vertical and even diagonal mounting;
  • Correct microclimate inside the house;
  • multifunctionality;
  • Frost resistance;
  • Resistance to UV radiation;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • economy;
  • discreet fastening;

Examples of using our panels

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Production company “TECHNO-GIB” Russian Federation of Krasnoyarsk.                     Sales department: st. May 9, 79/8 “World of Facades” (parking of the shopping center “Dommer”)                     Production: st. TV 8а/2 str 7