Забор жалюзи. Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”

Fence “Blinds”

A modern, stylish and practical solution for fencing an area. It consists of metal slats that are positioned horizontally or vertically relative to each other. Shutter fences are ideal for country houses, cottages and townhouses.

A shutter fence has a number of advantages over traditional fences:

1. Aesthetic appearance: thanks to their original design, jalousie fences give the site a stylish and modern look. 

2. Protection from prying eyes: the fence slats are located at an angle, which provides a good degree of privacy and allows you to hide what is happening on the site from neighbors and passers-by. 

3. Good ventilation and insolation of the site: the design of the fence-blinds ensures free circulation of air and penetration of sunlight into the territory of the site, which has a beneficial effect on the growth of plants and the health of the inhabitants of the site. 

4. Protection from noise and dust: slats located at an angle effectively reflect noise and dust, maintaining comfort and silence in the area. 

5. Easy to install: The shutter fence is easy to install due to its design and does not require special skills or tools. 

6. Durability and resistance to external influences: shutter fences are made of durable materials such as metal and are resistant to corrosion, rotting, temperature fluctuations and other negative environmental influences.

Забор жалюзи. Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”

Equipment and cost of one span of size 2000*2000 mm

  1. Post 60*60 — 1 piece — 1610 rub
  2. P-shaped strip — 3 pieces — 990 rub
  3. Blind slat — 14 pieces — 9520 rub
  4. Rivets — 300 rub 
  5. Total: 12420 rub

Guarantee for coverage 5 years

Забор жалюзи. Facade panels made of metal “Techno-Gib”

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